Frequently Asked Questions


Should I stage my home?

Staging your home is one of the most important things you can do when selling your home. .. In an increasing housing market, staged homes will sell for even more money because you’re presenting your home in the best possible light, giving buyers a favorable first impression. It also helps the buyers see themselves in the home much better which increases the likelihood of a sale.


What is Escrow?

Buyers and Sellers of a piece of property establish terms and conditions for the transfer of ownership of the property. These terms and conditions are given to a third party know as the escrow holder. The escrow holder has the responsibility of seeing that terms of the escrow are carried out. The escrow is an independent, neutral, account and the vehicle by which the mutual instructions of all the parties to the transaction are complied with.


Should I have a home inspection?

Home inspections are used to provide an opportunity for a buyer to identify any major issues with a home prior to closing  Your first clue that a home inspection is important is that it can be used as a contingency in your contract with the seller.  No matter the age of the home, there can be costly troubles unknown to the average buyer. Problems with wiring, plumbing or structural issues may not be visible during a showing and you’ll want to get an expert opinion.


Should I sell my home before I buy?

If you haven't already sold your home and you can't afford two mortgages, you may need to put in an offer that's contingent on selling your current home. This means that the seller has to wait for you to sell your current place before closing the sale.


Why should we work together?

My standards of high ethics naturally bring value to my  business and relationships based on trust and commitment, ensuring my clients needs are met before, during, and after the transaction.

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